A Murder at Sea Hours

A Government Official has been murdered! It’s up to you to figure out which of your fellow pirates did it and how. Each session will be an hour and half long and will take place in C Pod 213 during the hours listed on the schedule. Use your investigative skill to solve the mystery in this in this murder mystery dinner style event.

The game will run in 1.5 hour sessions and will happen at the following times:

Friday: 3:30-5pm / 6-7:30pm / 7:30-9pm / 9-10:30pm /10:30-12am

Saturday: 10-11:30am / 11:30-1pm / 2-3:30pm / 3:30-5pm / 5-6:30pm / 7:30-9pm / 9-10:30pm / 10:30-12am

Sunday: 10-11:30am / 11:30-1pm / 1-2:30pm / 2:30-4pm