Art Contest

The Charity Art Contest is now CLOSED. Winner will be announced soon! Thank you all for your submissions.

Voice Actor Character Battle

10 voice actors will be battling it out in order to win a guaranteed returning spot for Matsuricon 2017! They’ll need your help though. Throughout the weekend you can vote for your favorite by donating money. The voice actor that has the most money donated towards them by the end of the weekend will be returning!

Year Winner
2014 Kyle Hebert
2015 Scott McNeil

Bounty Hunters’ Snap!

Welcome to the big leagues kid. Here, it’s pirate vs pirate and if you catch the guy you planned to hang out with this afternoon, there can be some rather lucrative consequences for your actions.

Buy a list (and raffle tickets) of characters we’re on the hunt for. Snap a selfie with them and bring it back to our bounty hunters in order to claim your prize and double your raffle entries! Get extra points if you catch that character wearing pirate gear!

Jail Cell Photoshoots

Charity will have their own jail cell set up and a photographer on hand, where you can pay to have your pictures taken in the jail cell, and choose your favorites to keep! We’ll print them out for you and email you the files for all the pictures.


We’ll be holding raffles again this year at our Charity booth, themed after Port Nassau, the pirates paradise! We’ll be posting which items will be in the raffles, so make sure to stop by and get your name entered for the best of the booty we’ve got!

The Big Event!

Every year we have an auction to collect money for our donation to Ohio State University’s The James Comprehensive Cancer Center. We collect some of the coolest swag we can find and get names from the industry to sign them and make them even cooler, then we auction them off to you! Our big auction will be held on Sunday, and during the weekend we’ll be holding 1 item auctions at the end of some panels. So watch for announcements on when items will be auctioned off!