Smug Wendy-chan Photoshoot

Where: Photoshoot Room 2

When: -

Calling all Wendy's fans! Yes that's right Wendy from the fast food chain Wendy's. Recently there has been this running tend on twitter with Wendy's causing a result of fan art of Wendy-chan in a Smung versions. 

At Matsuricon 2017 we like to get all the Wendy-chan's together in one place for a photoshoot/gathering. We also are opening the shoot up to other fast food chain mascots for a running battle of the best fast food smug! Hint Hint Ronald McDonald vs Wendy 

The photoshoot/gathering will be on Saturday August 26, 2017 from 11:00AM - 12:00PM in the Photoshoot Room 2- A-Pods 120-122 in the Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH.

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Type: Photography

Rating: All audiences