Be a DJ


Matsuricon is looking for skilled DJs to help us with our Rave!

Perks include:
РA badge for  Matsuricon 2017
– Vouchers for meals from Matsuricon
– Crash space for after the rave


Please keep your recordings close to an hour in length. Don’t worry about being a few minutes over or under. It is expected that the style(s) of music you play in your demo will be the style(s) you play onstage.

Your mixing will be judged on:
– Song Selection (how well the energy flows from track to track)
– Transitions (general mastery, whatever your style. smoothness, good grasp of phrasing, etc.)
– Appropriateness for a con crowd
– General creativity (good use of loops, samples, effects, turntablism, etc. Note that these are not necessarily essential; the first 3 criteria are far more important!)


Your demo doesn’t necessarily have to be family-friendly, but keep in mind that your performance DOES.

Form Submission

We are now accepting applications for DJing for 2017! To apply, click here.

We will be accepting applications until May 31, 2017.

Questions? Contact the Rave Coordinator at