Be a Panelist

Thank you for your submissions!  The Panel Submission Form is now closed!

2016 Panel Submission Form is now closed!

Panel submissions will be open from February 29th – Midnight, May 27th ONLY. We will not accept any submissions after that date. We will send out the confirmations and declines after that date. We do not do rolling acceptances, so unless otherwise stated, you will not hear from us until May 28th at the earliest.


However, if you need to change any panel info, or believe your submission was lost to the Angry Submission Gods, please always feel free to email us at at any time.

We will only be communicating through the Lead Panelist this year. The Lead Panelist will be held responsible for all communication between us, and between your group. If your Lead Panelist doesn’t pass along information to their group, or if the Lead Panelist does not communicate changes to us, we cannot and will not be held responsible for that.


Per Panelist Policy, we will compensate up to 3 panelists for 3 hours worth of programming.
We will not offer more badges for groups larger than 3, and you must perform the full 3 hours to qualify for the reimbursement. If you have already pre-registered, please indicate this in the submission form.

Rules and Guidelines:

We here at Matsuricon take our panel selection as a point of pride. We receive hundreds of hours of submitted content which we must narrow down to what will be best for our show. We are always looking to expand our panel content and bring the best of the best to each convention year. For those of you who are looking to join our panel crew, here are a few things that we are looking for as we move into the panel selection process.

    1. The Panel submission form- no matter what your panel is about or how you are looking to present it, your submission form is the first and most important impression that we have of you. Take the time to make sure that you have read and responded to all of the questions we have asked. Aside from being a great way to make a first impression, your submission form will also help us to know what sort of options we have when it comes to booking your panel.
    2. Don’t be afraid to communicate- if we contact you asking for things, that is not a bad sign. Likewise, if you are unsure whether you have given us enough information please feel free to message or email us. We know that sometimes things can be confusing or overwhelming and we are here to help. We want you to succeed because it is in our best interest to have as many amazing panel options as possible.
    3. Ratings- we take a lot of care with our rating programing at Matsuricon and it is very important to make sure that you are putting your panel in the right level for what you are presenting. Don’t be afraid that having a higher rated or lower rated panel will affect your chances at being selected. However if your panel is inappropriately rated it will impact your attendance and can leave a bad impression for the following year. If you are unsure about the appropriate way to rate your panel on your form – please check out the Ratings Guide.
    4. Be Gracious- whether all or none of your panels get accepted in 2016 remember that this is something that we all are part of and all enjoy. Just because something you submitted didn’t get accepted doesn’t mean that we don’t value you or your content, it means that it simply didn’t fit with our goals and needs this year. Likewise don’t assume that you know everything about what another panelist submitted or crow over others if your content did get accepted. . We will not tolerate any bullying or shaming within our panel community. This ensures you’ve read all of the rules and will abide by them, or risk no longer running panels.