Live Events is a major part of Matsuricon’s programming block. New tournaments and events are being developed for the fun of our attendees, and will be added here as they are announced.

2014 Events So Far~


Karaoke is coming back to Matsuricon!  Friday 9pm-1am and Saturday 10pm-2am are the hours for this year.

Pokemon Snap-
Did you love pokemon snap? Were you one of the people who was terribly sad that you missed Pokemon snap? Well fear not because it is returning to Matsuricon 2014 only this time its a whole new game! Running throughout the day on Friday and Saturday you won’t just be playing, but you will be competing against your fellow congoers to win prizes for who can capture the best images in our brand new pokecart. You can check in with Professor oak to get your scores as well as tips on how to score the most points, just beware of team rocket, because they will be around causing trouble and making it double!

Fandom Fashion Festival-
Everyone loves a good Cosplay Masqurade, but what about things that fall outside of the norm? The fanart gowns that are just begging to be sewn, Human versions of pokemon, ponies, and other things. Or maybe even an outfit that simply is meant to show your love for an entire fandom and not just a recreation of a single character. We are looking to start a new brand of costume contest- one that combines skill, style, and ingenuity in a whole new way. In this event we celebrate your craftsmanship, artistry, and most importantly creativity as well as embracing every type of fandom and following. So if you love to create and want a place to test your skills and show off your talents, we have a place for you in our Matsuricon family. Keep an eye out on the website for details and rules for our new contest coming out this month!

Laser Tag Arena-
Let’s kick off things with some old Classics- LAZER TAG IS BACK! After the amazing turn out that we had last year for our Lazer tag arcade we have prepped and worked to make this year bigger and better! This Matsuricon we will be giving you the full out lazer tag experience with more space, more guns, more obstacles… we may even have a smoke machine! Mwahahahaha Keep your eye out on the website FB and forums for all of the updates, teasers, and guidelines for one of our most popular events. This year we are taking it to a whole new level!

Matsuri Awesome Picture Show-
Carrying on in the tradition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Matsuricon will put on its own shadow theater production. Instead of one single show involving a full cast the Matsuricon Awesome Picture Show will be more of a movie/music review with numerous scenes from various different shows/animes/ etc. with each scene being performed by its own unique cast. The movie review will be projected onto the main screen behind the actors while they perform the works on the stage live in sync with the footage. (The individual parties can chose to lipsync to the original footage or do their own audio on a case by case basis based on their submission/audition) Stay tuned for more info on how you can be a part of this new Matsuricon experience!

The Matsuricon Sing-a-long Jamboree- 
Who doesn’t love belting out their favorite animated movie tunes with their friends? We sing them in the car, in the shower, at late night Karaoke, well this year how about putting together a whole event dedicated to an animation sing-along fun fest! Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar, you name it we probably have it. Afraid to sing it solo? Not a problem! This event is a chance for everyone to be part of the action together. Don’t remember all the words? All of the lyrics will be up on the screen for you to follow along with! So come and be a part of the Magic!