Interactive Events

Interactive Events are a major part of Matsuricon’s programming block. New tournaments and events are being developed for the fun of our attendees, and will be added here as they are announced!

Matsuricon 2016 Events

Anime Family Feud:

We surveyed 100 attendees and the top answers are on the board! Based on a list of questions and answers provided by attendees, we will play a game of Family Feud.Players will be attendees chosen from the audience and working with their “families” they will work to answer questions based on their anime knowledge. The winning team will then enter a fast money round in the chance to score big.


Battleship Defense:

You’re ship is under attack! Work with your crew to take out the opposing teams’ mast with your cannons and take the ship. Defeat all three ships and the battle is won. This is nautical themed game of dogdeball is sure to please, so come ready to play!


Capture the Ship:

You and your crew are running low on supplies. Join us for a classic game of capture the flag in which you will work with your crew to raid the city’s flag make back to your ship to claim victory. But watch out, you must make the city before the locals steal your flag and scuttle your ship!


Cosplay Chess:

Zoro vs Goku, go! Join us for a classic game of chess with the cosplay twist. Cosplayers will be assigned roles and will take part in a game of chess. Not cosplaying? No problem, two extra players will be required to be the controllers. Everyone is invited to take part in what is sure to be a memorable event!


Cosplay Guess Who:

It’s down to L, Luffy, and Levi, but who is it? Use your deductive reasoning and anime know how to solve this challenging game of the Classic game of Guess Who. Some cosplayer assembly required.

Matsuricon Sings Disney:

Join your fellow Disney fanatics and Sing along to new and old Disney classics. We provide you with the songs and lyrics, all you need to do is bring your voice. All are welcome to this family fun event.


Operation Escape Impel Down:

You have been imprisoned by the marines and now you need to break free. Through a series of puzzles, work with your crew to find your way out the prison before the next guard comes to check on you.

Check back for reserving your time to take part in this experience!


Who Stole the Booty?

The Straw Hat’s loot stash is missing! Work together with your team to investigate the robbery to solve who stole it, where they put it, and how did they break in. You don’t want to miss this Clue style mystery game.


Keep checking back for more information to come!!