Matsuri Idol

We are honored to announce that Matsuri Idol will be present again at this year’s MatsuriCon 2016! Welcome to our 3rd-annual presentation of the hottest vocal competition of the summer! Hosted by The M.I.C. Group, we have been bringing this event to you since our group’s inheritance and inception of it at ColossalCon 2012.

Please join us again this year by attending our event, or, better yet, become a part of the action by completing the online application below (while space is available)!

Below is a quick reference of the basic rules for both rounds. Please be sure to read through all sections and details of the full form thoroughly before submitting.

Competition Guidelines:

Please see submission form for detailed information

Round 1: Opens

Groups: Solos or Duets; no more than a Quartet.
Quantity: First-come first-serve, online-only submissions; 16 active/up to 8 waitlist participants
Track: Any anime, video game, J-/C-/K-Pop, Original Vocaloid, or other non-American-based convention themes. A capella is permitted.
Length: 3m min; 5m max/person. (TV-size is not permited for Idol)
Lyrics: Official lyrics only; lyric sheets/assistance permitted
Selection: Top 8 from R1 move to R2 Finals.

Round 2: Finals

All participants should have a R2 song prepared

Quality: Only Top 8 from R1 will perform
Track: Same as R1, but track MUST be Karaoke/Instrumental or A Capella only
Length: 3m min; reasonable max/person
Lyrics: Official lyrics only; from memory only
Winners: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place win fabulous prizes!

Sumbit your application here~
We will reply to all submissions ASAP, but even if you decide against participating, we still hope to see you in the audience!