Rating Guide

This is a rating guide for our panels and programming. This will help you to plan for your programming at con, so be sure to check the panel listing when it is available what the rating is. If you are looking for panel submissions, those can be found here. Any questions about programming can be directed to panels@matsuricon.org at any time.


ALL AGES – These panels/events have absolutely no rating concerns that make it inappropriate for anyone.


TEEN – These are panels/events that deal with the occasional darker topics or more intense themes. Minimal language and possible suggestive content reccomended for people over the age of 13.


MATURE – These panels/events will explore adult material such as violence, sexual content, horror etc. These panels also contain strong language and highly suggestive content. Reccomended for mature audiences only. Use your best discretion.


EXPLICIT – These panels/events contain explicit materials such as graphic violence and sexual content and extreme language. These events are limited to guests who are 18 years or older. ID required for entry.