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Tabletop Gaming at Matsuricon is the place to be! Whether you enjoy a social game with friend, a competitive deckbuilders, a classic card game, something a little bit suspenseful, or even just a good old fashioned RPG, you can find all of that and more in Tabletop Gaming. With a library full of games available to check out for in-room free play, and a staff of helpful game masters running games throughout the weekend, everybody can find something to do. Come play an old favorite or learn something new!


Paint and Take Classes: Have you been wanting to get in on the mini-painting scene? tired of your Space Marines looking a little shabby because all they have on is primer? Or maybe you want to upgrade a game, make the bits look like the show pieces they should be. This year in our Tabletop Gaming Room, we will be bringing our "Paint and Take" friends back with a special deal for you! Beyond the normal paints and minis available for practice, we will have beginners' lessons! For $20, you'll get all the basics to make your 3rd level wizard as impressive as it should be!

Lessons will include 2 figures, 1 plastic scraper, and a list of recommended supplies for starting out in the hobby. Basic painting techniques for faces, hair, and clothing will be taught.

Classes take place on Saturday from 2 pm to 5 pm, and on Sunday from 12 pm to 4 pm. Make sure to sign-up early, each session is limited to 12 attendees. Reserve your spot here!

Class end times may be extended as the instructor sees fit.


Tanto Cuore: Hire maids and staff your mansion! Use your “love” in this delightful deckbuilding game to get a staff of maids for your house and put them to work to get the most points, but beware of your maids developing bad habits.

Munchkin: Kick open the door and fight the monsters! Be the first among your party to reach the max level while defeating mosnters and collecting loot along the way, but beware your success does not bring out monsters in your party members.

Euchre: This classic Midwestern trick-taking card game played with partners allows for great competitive play and fun conversation, but no table-talking! Use the Jacks, Aces, Kings, Queens, Tens, and Nines to take the most tricks and get to 10 points before the other team.

Smash UP: Ninja Bears? Pirate Princesses? Changeforming Geeks? Try these combinations and others in the fast paced card game Smash Up. Merge some of your favorite types of characters together, but be wary of the Alien Dinosaurs. May you have the chance to fight with Mechas, taking on Magical Girls, or maybe even Magical Girls teaming up with Mechas? Lots of laughs to be had for the kid in all of us.

More updates and schedules coming soon!

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Have some old games taking up space? Maybe an extra copy of a game you’re not sure what to do with? Just want to help make Matsuricon better? We happily accept donations of games (or game related items)* for our library! Also, if our eternal gratitude isn’t enough, you’ll get a premium lanyard for qualifying donations. Contact for all donation submissions or further information.

*Qualifying donations MUST include all pieces, manuals, and packaging.


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