Video Gaming

Video Gaming will be your home away from home! Well, more like your room away from home, but 100x better! We will have all types of systems, from the Xbox One and PS4, all the way back to vintage PC games. Video Gaming is a place where you can come and relax and play a few games of Mario Kart, or get serious and try your new combos and setups in fighting tournaments.

Video Gaming does not allow personal games or hardware, aside from controllers and fightsticks, to be hooked up in the video game room. We apologize for any inconvience this may cause. Matsuricon is not responsible for any lost or damaged equipment.





King of Fighters XIV (6 pm): Come show off your max cancel combos with the newest SNK developer fighting game. Featuring characters like k’, Andy Bogart, Athena, Chin and King, along with new characters Kukri, Love Heart, Meitenkun, and the king of dinosaurs himself, Tizoc.

Injustice 2 (9 pm): Fighters approaching the battlefield! With the NetherRealm Studios fresh release of the DC Comic fighting game, what match ups would you like to see? A lovers dispute of Green Arrow vs Black Canary? A fight for power with Green Lantern in a ring with with Atrocitus? Or would you rather prove who would win in Batman vs Superman in your own way?


Smash 4 (1 pm): P K THUNDAAAAAAA! Everyone’s favorite past time game will be making its appearance again. Get ready to dodge roll edge guarders, spike your opponent as they double jump for the stage and attempt to focus on the game as you try not to fall into the Smashville soundtrack. Showcasing old faves like Mario, Kirby, Link and Zelda, and newer characters like Bayonetta, Corin, Mii Fighter, and even Mega-Man and Pac-Man.

Street Fighter V (4 pm): Get ready to throw down in the latest installment from Capcom. Featuring returning characters such as Zangief, Chun-Li, Ryu, Ken and Akuma, along with new characters such as Laura, Karin, F.A.N.G., and Necalli.

Tekken 7 (7 pm): Ready to see if you've got what it takes to become the next Iron Fist Champion? Check out Bandai Namco's fresh take on the Tekken fighting series. What fighting style do you see fit to win it all? The Krav Maga approach of Draganov, the Brazilian take from Eddy, the Original God Fist from the Machima family, or maybe using claws and just being a Bear with a bow on your head? Get set for the next battle!

Mystery Tournament (9 pm): Well, like the name says, it's a mystery! A game chosen randomly and who knows what it could be. A tweak of rock paper scissors? Connect Four? Speed runs on Mario World? You'll just have to come and see what happens!


Pokken Tournament (12 pm): Ever thought about what it would be like if you actually controlled your Pokemon during your battles? Now you can find out! Show off who you think is stronger. Is Charizard a better fire type than Braixen? Can Garchomp be more OP than Sceptile? Or is Pikachu Libre the greatest wrestler of all time?

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 (2 pm): From the developers at Arc System, we bring you the deepest duel yet. With classics of Sol Badguy, May, Axl Low, and Faust showing that they've got what it takes to stay in the fight. Newer fighters like Jack-O' Valentine and Kum Kaehyun have to step in and find out if they have the guts to burst with the best of them.


More tournament listings and tournament rules coming soon!


If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at with the subject “Tournament Questions”. So hit the lab, get your combos down, your style up to date, and your match-up knowledge fine tuned.