Autograph Policy

  • There is a soft limit of two items per guest per autograph session. You are welcome to take a photo with a guest, but photos count as an item. Due to increasing numbers of fans attending autograph sessions, staff reserves the right to reduce the item limit to one per guest and prohibit photos or recordings.  These special rules will be implemented, when necessary, in order to give as many fans as possible an opportunity to meet the guests.
  • When taking a photo we ask that all fans do so in front of the autograph table. This is also an effort to save time and get to as many fans as possible.
  • Lines will begin no earlier than ONE HOUR before the posted autograph session. Lines formed before this time will not be recognized. Please remember that we will do our best to reach as many fans as possible, however autographs are not guaranteed.
  • Because guests are very busy throughout the convention and will have multiple autograph sessions over the weekend, we request that you do not ask for photos or autographs after panels or in the hallways. Please help us help them by being considerate of their time.