Hotel Policies

We have some new hotel policies to pass along to everyone! It’s not too much of a change, but it will help everyone make the event run smoother during the weekend!
We do ask that all hotel guests must be registered on the room. You can have 6* people on the room!! When you’re registered to the room, you will get one of the SPECIAL MATSURICON KEYCARDS (oh yes, they’re special!)

From the hours of 6AM to 10PM, hotel guests may come and go as they please, as well as take visitors to their room. But from the hours of 10PM to 6AM, you are requred to show your keycard to one of the officers near the elevator to gain access. This is going to help alleviate elevator congestion, because we know how busy the elevators can get at night! If all of us help, we can make this a smooth weekend for everyone!

Unfortunately, if security does get called to a room, and there are more than 6 people in a room, they’ll be asked to either return to their room, or to the main con area. We have to play by the rules on this one.

So help out your fellow attendees, staff, and our host hotel to make it an awesome weekend for everyone!

* In order to have 6 people in one room, you must call to add 4 of your 6 people, and then add the remaining 2 people at the hotel desk at con in August.