I heard something about security/drama/etc…

Matsuricon does not condone any mischief before or at con, and our staffers take security concerns very seriously. We consider our convention safe, family friendly, and a great convention for all attendees. If you have any concerns over any issue that has happened at Matsuricon, on our Facebook groups, or otherwise please message anyone on the security team, either of the co-con chairs, or any admins of any of the social media websites who can point you in the correct direction of whom you need to speak to. Contact Us!

I want to help and volunteer!

You can view our volunteer page here! Email us at hr@matsuricon.org and we’ll ask you a few questions on what you want to do!

I am interested in advertising with you. What can you tell me about your demographs? What kind of advertising opportunities do you offer?

Our convention targets 16-29 year old male and female attendees.  The majority of our attendees come from Ohio, with some of them coming from bordering states.

We have a plethora of advertising opportunities to get your message out!  Please email marketing@matsuricon.org for more details!

I am a dealer and I would like to sell my product at your event!

Thank you for your interest!  Please email vendors@matsuricon.org and they will help you with the rest!

When did Matsuricon start? Didn’t you have a con in April?

We started in April 2006!  Because of the numerous amount of events, we decided to move our event to August, towards the end of the summer.  We intend to stay in August, but we may move earlier or later depending on availability of dates.

Is Matsuricon going to move to a different city/state?

We do not have any plans at this time to move cities or state.  Matsuricon’s home is Columbus, Ohio and we intend to stay here for a long time.

Why the name “Matsuricon?” Why a family of mascots?

Matsuricon – or the word “Matsuri[祭]” means festival in Japanese. We want to think of ourselves as a festival of everything geeky and otaku, from anime to video games, Doctor Who to Marvel, My Little Pony to Homestuck, and everything in between. We are an anime con first, but we like to include everyone else because the obvious overlap of fandoms.

The Matsuri family was created to reflect our “family-friendly” environment. We strive to make this event that the entire family can go to, and we encourage the entire family to attend! We like to think that there is something for everyone at Matsuricon! Of course, the staff at Matsuricon think of ourselves and our attendees as one huge family that keeps growing and growing every year!

Where is the convention located?

We are located at:

The Hyatt Regency Columbus, the Columbus Convention Center
350 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Are you owned by the same people who run (insert con name here)?

We do have staff that have staffed other area conventions, but Matsuricon is completely independent from any other convention.

What are your registration rates? When does pre-registration end?

Registration costs can be found here, and pre-reg is open until July 31st. At the door price is $60 for the weekend.