Vendors & Dealers

Sign-ups are now CLOSED for 2018! Acceptance/waitlist emails will go out on Feb 19th. 

The dealer’s room will be located in Regency Ballroom within the Hyatt Regency. Space will be sold by the boothspace; The space is 10’x10’x10’ and will come with 1 table, 2 chairs, and 2 Dealer’s Badges. Dealers may not expand beyond the space provided to them, and the space will be clearly delineated. Due to limited space in our accommodations, any one dealer may purchase a maximum of 4 tables. A dealer may request a certain spot (if, for instance, you wish to L your tables), but Matsuricon cannot make any guarantees as to location, and any map made prior to con is for guidance and planning only. We reserve the right to make changes to the floor plan while maintaining the correct amount of space purchased by a dealer. Information on the loading and unloading location outside the Hyatt will be provided by 08/07/18.

Setup/Operation Times

Thursday 08/24/18

  • Unload at 7p

Friday 08/25/18

  • Room opens for dealers at 9:30a for setup
  • Hours for PLUS attendees are 12:30p – 8p
  • Hours for the public are 1p – 8p
  • Room closes to dealers at 9p

Saturday 08/26/18

  • Room opens for dealers at 9a
  • Hours for the public are 10a – 7p
  • Room closes to dealers at 8p

Sunday 08/27/18

  • Room opens for dealers at 9a
  • Hours for the public are 10a – 4p
  • Teardown must be completed by 9p

Vendor room hours may be subject to change and all vendors will be updated on changes.


All tables will be charged at $475 per table. There is a limit of 4 tables per dealer. Additional badges are sold at a cost of $35 per badge. Extra badges must be requested on the submission form, as they may not be available during the setup times unless the prior arrangements have been made.


If you have any questions, please email us at