Running an operation like Matsuricon takes a lot of time, dedication, and people power.  We are always looking for more people to help out at our event! Staffers are the main bulk of our help, dedicated to helping our convention run smoothly in one area.

Staff Requirements

  • Must be 16 or older by August 25th, 2017.
  • Must be able to work Friday through Sunday, with Thursday as a possibility.
  • Must sign up for a minimum of 24 hours during the event weekend.

Staff Perks

  • Get a free Matsuricon 2017 badge!
  • Flexible schedules so you may attend a few events throughout the weekend.
  • Delicious food delivered free, straight from our Staff Suite!
  • Discounted food at some local food joints, either with badge or coupon.
  • Entrance to Staff-Only Events.
  • Staff Appreciation events throughout the year.
  • Network with others involved in the con scene.
  • Enjoy your favorite con from a brand new perspective!

Staff Openings

We are now accepting staff applications for Matsuricon 2017! Apply here!


Autograph Staff (4) - Your responsibilities will include enforcing autograph rules, line control, and maintaining communication with the GR department. Applicants should have strong communication and organization skills, while being able to remain calm under pressure. Applicants should also be able to consistently relay information to attendees and enforce convention policies.

Staff Suite

Meal Prep (3) - You’ll be responsible for preparing the food for our con staff. This may be anything from cooking raw ingredients/making meals, or assisting someone else in this. Requirements: Must be willing to prepare and cook food! No previous food service experience required.

Food Runner (3) - You’ll be responsible for packaging food and transporting it down to the convention floor to deliver to staff. You’ll also help direct any Gophers that are currently assisting Staff Suite.

Live Events

Basic Staff (8) - At con, you’ll be assisting in running events, checking badges at doors, and answering related attendee questions. Before con, you’ll help plan events, and must have open communication with the Coordinator and DH.

Escape Room Staff (6) - At con, you’ll be running the Escape Room event, checking badges at the doors, and answering any related attendee questions. Before con, you’ll be helping plan the Escape Room, and must have open communication with the Coordinator and DH.

Pokemon Staff (4) - At con, you’ll battle attendees, and should have a good knowledge of Pokemon, to help answer any attendee questions related to your events. Before con, you’ll help plan out Pokemon Events, and must have open communication with the Coordinator and DH.

Tabletop Gaming

Minion (8) - As a Minion, you’ll be responsible for checking badges at the doors, doing head counts across rooms, and maintaining a clean playing area and room.

Librarian (4) - As a Librarian, you’ll advise players on games, use our computer systems to check games in and out, keeping your library clean, and running game demos. You may also get the opportunity, if needed, to fill in empty roles in attendee games.

Tabletop Game Master (8) - You’ll be expected to run games and events in Tabletop Gaming, and are required to have knowledge of the game(s) you are running. We request that when applying for a Tabletop Game Master role, please have a list of preferred games you’d like to run, and games that you are able to. The more games you know, the more we can have you do.

Video Gaming

Video Gaming Staffer (3) - You'll be required (along with other duties) to assist in setup and tear-down of the room, maintain the game library, assist attendees with game setup, answer general questions about what games are available, and other general room responsibilities. Knowledge of video games is not required, but is encouraged. Ability to interact well with attendees will become more and more important.


Front Desk/Dispatch (variable) - The front desk in ConOps is responsible for keeping track of staff on shift, documentation, and badges that are the responsibility of Ops to distribute (ie: photography badges). As a front desk staffer, you are responsible for directing the attendees who come to Ops to the service that can best help them with their needs (ie: Lost and Found or Disability Services).

Logistics (variable) - Logistics has a variety of responsibilities such as issuing inventory to every department in the convention. You'll also maintain the database of inventory and issue radios and equipment to staffers who need them. You'll compile equipment release paperwork as well as keep track of where everything is at any given moment.

Disability Services (variable) - Disability Services is here to make Matsuricon accessible for every attendee. You'll take the information of each attendee that needs help, and create a plan for each panel or event that they wish to attend. Following through with each attendee that in in the program is essential and requires compassion, discretion, multitasking, and diligence.

Matsuri Maintenance (variable) - The Matsuri Maintenance team is responsible for all attendee feedback at con as well as after. As a team member, you'll work to resolve any issues that may arise as soon as possible in an expedient fashion and offer an ear to all attendees who come to offer their opinions no matter what they are. This position requires excellent people skills and patience.

Navigation (variable) - The navigation team escorts attendees who are turned around or lost to their destination. Although the job description is a simple-sounding one, it is a vital position to the ConOps team.

Floater/Runner (variable) - Floaters are responsible for being trained in all positions within ConOps, as well as running messages between departments and assisting the other teams within ConOps. The position offers a wide variety of things to do.

Lost & Found (variable) - Lost & Found is responsible for the receipt and documentation of lost items which are turned in, returning the item(s) to the attendee who lost it/them, and taking down the information of any attendee who has lost something that we are not in possession of when notified.


Photo Suite (4) - In this position, you’ll be controlling the room, and are required to have experience in photography and running photo suites.

Media Assistant Department Head (1) - Administrative aide to the Media department, able to handle requests from Con Ops and HR regarding Media staff, Press, and Photography issues. You should be able to handle escalated disputes involving photoshoot groups (photoshoot room aides will handle problems and escalate to the ADH if problems persist). Must be able to handle any complaints with or about photographers doing shoots, paid or otherwise. Able to interface with industry media representatives. Must be familiar with midwest photographers, Columbus media (radio, TV, newspapers), and be able to solve problems.


SS1 (25) - You'll be controlling access to various areas of the convention, monitoring and directing attendees, managing lines and queues, and monitoring convention attendees, staff, and guests, and report safety and security concerns.


Gophers are at-con volunteers that want to work a convention but don’t want to commit to the full 24 hour requirement of a regular volunteer staffer.  Your main objective will be to assist other departments when they need help, and also getting a feel of what kind of jobs each of the different department areas do.

Wherever a helper is needed, you’re there. This can be a test run to take on the full-time staff job in years to come!

Gopher Requirements

  • Must be 16 or older by August 25th, 2017.
  • Must be able to follow directions when assigned to a department.
  • Must already have a Matsuricon badge when you sign-up at con.

How to be a Gopher


We now have a Staff-Level Gopher position, that you can only apply for before con. This position gives you the full benefits of being Staff, but will require the full 24 hours of work. You can apply on our Volunteer Application.


You MUST have a Matsuricon badge to be a Gopher, as the Gopher badge is additional. Find us in Gopher Ops, and we will place you from there. You’ll keep track of your hours on a time sheet, and work towards rewards!

Earning Hours

You’ll be able to choose your hours from the schedule in Gopher Ops. Keep your time sheet with you and Department Heads will sign off once you’ve completed work. Check in at Gopher Ops periodically to get your reward tickets!

Since you will have an additional Gopher badge attached to your attendee badge, other departments might spot you in the halls and grab you for help. That department head will write down when and for how long you worked for them.

Department Heads and their assistants are the ONLY ones allowed to sign your time sheet. We do have a list of their names and will verify sign offs with HR listings.

Gopher Rewards

  • 1 hour worked = 1 point
  • 4 points: free meal from our staff suite (recurring reward for every 4 hours worked)
  • 10 points: Matsuricon t-shirt (the ones on sale at the merchandise tables)
  • 16 points: FREE BADGE! Next year is on us!

If you have any questions at all, please send us an email to either hr@matsuricon.org (for staffing) or gophers@matsuricon.org (for gophering).