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Guest Cancellation….and a surprise

We regret to inform everyone that guests Stephanie Young and David Brehm will be unable to attend Matsuricon 2016 due to personal reasons. We wish nothing but the best for them and hope that they will be able to return in 2017.

But not all hope is lost!

As part of the One Piece panel that was announced – both Stephanie Young AND Luci Christian, the voice of Nami, will also be on the panel via Skype! So we will have ALL NINE Strawhats in one room! This is going to be amazing so don’t miss this one of a kind event!! Let’s GO!!

Funimation is coming to Matsuricon!

Funimation is coming to Matsuricon 2016!
This year we have an exciting new collaboration to reveal: Funimation will be joining our event, along with the Straw Hat crew and other One Piece guests, to film some panels and get to know all of you! Keep an eye out for familiar faces on future One Piece home video releases as they hit the shelves, and don’t forget to sign up for your own private interview!

Fan Interviews with Funimation
Ever dream about being on an anime DVD, alongside your favorite voice actors? Have a fantastic cosplay you want the world to see? Or maybe you just want to talk to Funimation directly and tell them what you love about their shows. This year Matsuricon is going to make it all possible! We will be hosting a “Fan Interview Room” where a Funimation camera crew from their Special Features department will set up a mini-studio to capture conversations with any attendee who is interested. The resulting footage will be used online for promotional content, as well as in extra features on DVDs for sale. 18+ only! Time slots are limited, so keep an eye out for the Fan Interview Sign Up Sheet, which will be going live right here the week before the event.

One Piece Unplugged: Table Read of a One Piece episode with the Funimation cast, moderated by the One Piece Podcast crew!
Join us for an hour and a half with the One Piece cast, as they perform an informal “table read” of one dubbed episode. Some of the cast will play their own roles as they read along in the script, while others will step outside their comfort zones and read characters originally voiced by different voice actors! At the end of the episode, the winner of the Fan Interview Contest hosted online before the event, will have his/her chance to interview the entire cast!

One Piece Cast Tells All!
All of our fabulous American One Piece guests in one room. Live. Answering all of your questions. For an hour and a half. Bring it.

Team Aqua Wants You!

Team Aqua is currently looking for those interested in joining its ranks. Team Aqua has made plans to set up base at Matsuricon, but needs members to pull this off. Interested parties should have knowledge of the Pokemon world and be present all three days of the convention.

For a full list of rules and the application, click here.

Interactive Events, Ahoy!

If you have been waiting to find out what sort of events Matsuricon will be holding this year, the wait is over! We will be hosting a number of interactive events through out the weekend in addition well as the classic events that all of our attendees know and love.

For a full list, click here and keep checking back for updates as we get closer to the convention!

AMV Contest registration now OPEN!


“Anime music videos, or AMVs for short, are fan made videos which match up a favorite anime or multiple anime with a favorite musical song or even multiple songs all edited together in one coherent music video. AMV contests are showcases of such efforts and include awards and prizes.”


Do you create AMVs? We love them! So much so that we’re holding a contest! Go here for more information and to register your AMV. Submissions will be open until 11:59 PM EST on July 9th, 2016.