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Special Announcement

guestannouncement - carolinamangalibrary


Please welcome the Carolina Manga Library to Matsuricon!  Read manga!  ALL THE MANGA!!

Another Guest Announcement ALREADY?

guestannouncecard - erikKimerer


Welcome newcomer Erik Kimerer, the voice of Alibaba Saluja, to Matsuricon!

Guest Announcement

guestannouncecard - chuck huber


But don’t be mad, be glad that Chuck Huber is joining us once again!

Guest Cancellation

Due to a scheduling conflict – J. Michael Tatum will be unable to attend Matsuricon 2014.  We hope that he can clear his schedule for Matsuricon 2015 and join us for our 10 year celebration!


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Guest Cancellation

We have some bad news. Awesome guest Sonny Strait has to unfortunately cancel his appearance with Matsuricon this year due to prior commitments. We wish Sonny Strait the best and hope that his schedule frees up for our 10th year anniversary in 2015!

Programming Tidbits

Are you ready for all the new Programming wonderment we are about to offer?  Then wonder no more!  Check under Events –> Live Events for more details!

Also, February 17th is when Panel Submissions open up!

Backstage Access and All Access Programs

Matsuricon’s old “VIP program” is going through a whole new makeover! No longer called the “VIP Program,” we will have two — yes, you heard us right, TWO special programs, each with their different perks and experiences! These are called the “Backstage Access” and the “All Access” programs!

The Backstage Access Program are for our attendees that stay at the Hyatt Regency Columbus, our flagship hotel. You will have to make sure that EVERYONE staying in your room (up to 4 people) are listed on the room. The Backstage Access Program earns you the following:

Special Room Key upon check-in
Custom Artwork Print unique to 2014
Early Access to Dealers for the entire weekend
Special 2014 Lanyard
THURSDAY NIGHT Social and Matsuricon Hotel Tour
Sunday Mixer with Guests
(and MORE to come!!!)

To access the Backstage Access Program Perks, you will need to show your CUSTOM ROOM KEY and Badge. Do not lose your Custom Room Key, check-in will be the ONLY time you will recieve them. The hotel front desk will give you normal keycards if you want a replacement.

The All Access Program is a separate badge that does come with a separate cost. It is also limited to 150 people – once they sell out, we will NOT be selling any more of these passes. This also comes with its own set of perks and experiences, including the following:

Early Access to Dealers for the entire weekend
Special 2014 Lanyard
Friday Social
Saturday Night Meet/Greet Mixer with Guests
Custom T-Shirt
Special 2014 All Access Pin
Special Oversized 2014 All Access Badge
Special Seating to Cosplay
(and MORE to come!!!)

To access the “All Access” Program Perks, you will need to show your All Access Badge and your normal badge. The cost for this program is $30. You must have also purchased a normal registration to be valid. Purchasing JUST the “All Access” Pass does not constitute an attendee badge purchase.

We hope that everyone takes advantage of the Backstage Access Program, and we also hope that you take advantage of our new All Access Program!
Some FAQs answered:

1) I bought the All Access Pass, but I am NOT staying at the hotel. DO I get the Backstage Perks as well?

Short answer – no. These are two completely different programs with different perks (and we will be ADDING TO THEM throughout the year). For example, if you have the All Access Pass, but are NOT staying at the hotel, you cannot get the Special Room Key, or the Art Print, and you cannot attend the Thursday Night Social and Tour. HOWEVER, if you bought the All Access Pass AND are staying at the hotel, then you get everything! :)

2) What is [insert perk/event here]?

We will be revealing the nature of some of these events as the con gets closer. We are also figuring out the logistics of some other surprises as well (for both programs)

3) What is the custom t-shirt design? What does the pin look like?

Sore wa himitsu desu.

4) How early is early access to Dealers?

One Hour early everyday.

Guest Announcement: Darrel Guilbeau


Guest Announcement: Danielle Mcrae

danielle mcrae