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Batten down the hatches, gamers, we have a huge announcement to make! ARE YE READY?

Tokyo Attack and Dead State Pavilion have teamed up to bring the largest console and arcade room Columbus has ever seen to Matsuricon this year! You’re definitely not going to want to miss this!

We will have a combined total of over 50 next/current gen consoles, 12 gaming PCs, 10+ retro systems, and 24 arcade cabinets! We even have a treasure map, so you can begin planning! *Map is subject to change.

Matsuricon Flyer FinalMatsuricon Gameroom

Charity Grab Bag Art Contest

AHOY MATEYS, we’re holding an art contest! We want to see your favorite character drawn with a jar of dirt (a la Captain Jack Sparrow style)! The winning artwork will appear on our grab bags this year! To enter, simply email your submission to The contest runs from now until January 31st, and our winner will be announced in the February newsletter and on the site! The winner will receive 1 free grab bag that they can pick up at the convention.


Of course, ye must abide by the rules or be sent to walk the plank!

  • Art must be G-Rated. We are a family-friendly con!
  • No logos may be used.
  • Staff/Volunteers ARE allowed to enter and win!
  • Images must be either 900×900 or 1200×1200. This is so they may be printed correctly.