Tabletop Gaming

Avast me hearties! Be ya lookin’ fer action, adventure, or some gamblin* maybe? Then ya ‘ave found t’right place. ‘Ere in Tabletop gaming, thar’ll be excitement, horror, an’ just plain ol’ fun! We ‘ave an expansive collection o’ games, guided game demonstrations, learn to play events, tournaments, an’ so much more. Make sure ta come an’ visit, or you may ‘ave ta walk t’plank!

*Thar will be no actual gamblin’ allowed in our port, just games with gamblin’ or biddin’ mechanics.


Magic the Gathering

Worried about missing Friday Night Magic while at this year’s Matsuricon? Wondering what conventions are like, but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Hosted by Heroes & Games, Matsuricon will be the venue for FNM on August 19th. Join us for the fun and excitement of this casual Magic the Gathering event! No badge required to participate.

Are you looking for something bigger than run of the mill Magic the Gathering play? Craving the excitement of facing off in intense battles, with some incredible loot on the line? We’ve struck up a great partnership with some new friends at Epic Loot to bring you Matsuricon’s first ever official, Wizards of the Coast approved tournament, on Saturday, August 20th. The tournament will be Standard format, and tournament entrance fee is $5. Cash prizes for winners!





Magic the Gathering

BattleCON: Tournament of the Indines


Weiβ Schwarz

Cardfight Vanguard

Pokémon CCG

Tanto Cuore



Play Red Dragon Inn with Paul St. Peter!

Charity and Tabletop Gaming have come together to bring you one EPIC event for the weekend! Ever wanted to just hang out with one of the Guests and play a game of Red Dragon Inn? NOW’S YOUR CHANCE! As you enter the room you’ll have the option to buy a raffle ticket (not required to spectate). Once everyone is in and we are ready to begin, we’ll draw a winner from the raffle tickets to play for one hour with Paul St. Peter! Get your grog and watch your gold, mates! He’s parched and carrying a heavy purse! This event will be held in our Main Events room.



Returning Sponsors

New Sponsors

Have some old games taking up space? Maybe an extra copy of a game you’re not sure what to do with? Just want to help make Matsuricon better? We happily accept donations of games (or game related items)* for our library! Also, if our eternal gratitude isn’t enough, you’ll get a premium lanyard for qualifying donations. Contact for all donation submissions or further information.

*Qualifying donations MUST include all pieces, manuals, and packaging.

Please send any comments, questions, or concerns on over to us at