Video Events

Video Rooms

This year, our video-only rooms will be themed; one room showing Magical Girl anime, and the other showing Mecha anime. With this setup, we will be holding our own Mecha VS Magical contest! We will keep track of which room generates the most attendees! So stop on by our Video Rooms and show support for your favorite genre! Who will win?


The Matsuricon Video Departments is proud to present a new feature that we like to call VES (Video Entertainment Showcase) room. This room will be different from our regular video rooms, it will house all of our alternative video content. This includes video related panels, AMVs, alternative MV contests, abridged series, parodies, and more! More information coming soon, but for now, find us on Facebook!

AMV Contest

Stay tuned for our sign-ups for 2018. Until then, check out this year's winners blow!

Anime music videos, or AMVs for short, are fan made videos which match up a favorite anime or multiple anime with a favorite musical song or even multiple songs all edited together in one coherent music video. AMV contests are showcases of such efforts and include awards and prizes. These contests are held in anime conventions across the country.

This contest not only includes AMVs but also, Manga Music Videos or MMVs (instead of anime the video footage is from a manga piece) and Gaming Music Videos or GMVs. This is so that the contest remains fresh for the entertainment of the audience.

2017 VES AMV/MV Contest Winners

Check out this year's winners for some great examples!

Best of Action

Deeznuts 2 for MycathatesyouAMV – Pom Poko, Various – Run You by The Qemists

Best of Comedy

WWJD? by Studio Hawk – Multiple – WWJD? by The Axis of Awesome

Best of Drama

Tilted by MycathatesyouAMV – Re:Zero – If I Break by Red

Best of Romance

Eternally by xDieguitoAMV for Crows AMVTeam – Multiple – Wherever You Will Go by Charlene Sorala

Best of Trailer and Audience Choice

Yuri On Ice!!! The Honest Trailer by Maboroshi Studios – Yuri On Ice!!!, Free!!, Keijo – History Maker Instrumental by Dean Fujioka + VO by Joseph Croasdaile

Best of Upbeat-Dance

Dance, Dance, Dance by Drabez – Dragon Ball – Can’t Stop This Feeling by Justin Timberlake

Best of Live Action MV

Letting Go by Maboroshi Studio for Studio le Croc – Star Wars IV, V, VI, VII – Letting Go by Michael Giacchino

Best of Non-Anime Animation MV

The Third String by Tigrin for Otaku Lounge Productions – Kubo and the Two Strings – Friction by Imagine Dragons

Best of 18+

Rising Thermometers by drewaconclusion – Naughty Nurses – Candy Stripe Nurses “Commercial Audio”

Best of VES AMV/MV Contest for Matsuricon 2017

Rising by xDieguitoAMV for Crows AMVteam – Boku no hero Academia (My Hero Academia) – Another Way by Girugamesh