Artist Alley

Artist Alley applicants will be selected from a lottery this year. Please take your time in filling out applications and reading the contract.

Application Process

  • Artists apply for acceptance
  • Lottery for entry into Closed Alley
  • Lottery for entry into Open Alley
  • Standards check
  • Acceptance/wait-list emails sent out

Artist Alley Options

Closed Alley: A room with set hours of operations (see the contract for more information). The room will be secured at night.

Open Alley: Booths set up just outside of the Closed Alley, open to the public, with no set hours. There are specified setup and tear-down times, otherwise there will be no time restrictions. These tables are available for an extra charge.


To view the 2018 Artist Contract, click here.

Form Submissions

Artist Alley Applications are now CLOSED! Thank you for your submissions!


You will receive a response within 3 weeks of the application process closing. You will have 5 business days starting the date of the email to accept your table. Payment will then be sent out to your e-mail and you will again have 5 days to pay for your table.


If you have any questions, please feel free to message